Hola, my name is Almudena Anchustegui, I´m a Fashion Designer.

Monkirusa is the brand I have created.  My designs have a unique and characteristic design. Timeless pieces with an effortless flair, with a relaxed and elegant aesthetics.

We are based in Marbella, where I design the collections that later are produced in small quantities in Spain and Portugal with spanish, italian and portuguese fabrics.

Monkirusa has started as a tops and dresses Brand, always on the look up for the perfect piece. We will be adding new products to our collections as we grow.

Before I created Monkirusa, I worked for Fake London and Custo Barcelona. I have loads of great memories, specially of the trips around the world and the friends I worked with. And of course, of everything that I learned. This experience in the fashion business, together with my partner´s experience in international business development, has helped us to create and develop our Project.

By the way, Monkirusa is the name of my dog, a chubby french bulldog. I wanted to honor him by branding our Project with his name. Apart from being loving, he is tenacious and never gives up. Plus, he always smiles when he sees me.

Thank you so much for visiting our web site. We invite you to check our e.shop, easy to use so you can make a happy and an exclusive shopping.

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